About Me


I currently work at the Seattle Times as a Social Media Producer. Most recently, I worked at the Los Angeles Times also doing social media. I previously worked with Univision’s digital team La Huella Digital as a reporter/developer, as an intern on the NPR Visuals Team, and as a Infographics and Data Visualization Editor at GOOD Magazine. I also enjoy teaching journalism with an emphasis on digital storytelling and social media.

I graduated from Columbia Graduate School of Journalism. Before that, I graduated from UCLA with degrees in History and Comparative Literature.

I was a part of La Gente, UCLA’s Latino student newsmagazine, which has been publishing since 1971. I was La Gente’s Editor in Chief for 2011-12, during which I also wrote an honors thesis about the origin of UCLA’s newsmagazines, and their roots in alternative media, movement print culture and new journalism. email helgalivsalinas@gmail.com


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