Social Media Producer at the LA Times

As a Social Media Producer at the Los Angeles Times, I manage Los Angeles Times’ main Facebook page, main Twitter feed, and main Instagram account.

Responsibilities include overseeing social media assets for #EmergingUS, a collaborative project between the Times and Jose Antonio Vargas on race, immigration, and identity. Conducted market research for the overall social and launch strategy. Live-tweeted and curated social media about race and culture in LA.

Enhanced stories shareable charts and graphics for both brands. Solicited and curated user generated content in reaction to LA Times stories.

Tools: HTML, Hootsuite, Chartbuilder, Meme Generator


César Chavez

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This project highlighted the life of activist César Chavez, published when film was released earlier in spring 2014. I contributed to the layout and design of the project. For the timeline of his life, I used TimelineJS. I downloaded the source files to change some styles and to add a background image to the timeline.

La Huella Digital is the recipient of an Edward R. Murrow Award for the Network Radio and Television Market.

Estado Crítico

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This project, “Estado Critico”/”Critical State,” was about one Latino youth going across the country to understand Obamacare/Affordable Care Act. A long-form story, videos, and interactive graphics is included in this project to educate about to illustrate how Obamacare will impact the lives of Latinos in the United States.

Migrahack Training Day at California State University, Northridge

Workshop at Migrahack Training Day at California State University, NorthridgeMay 2014

I led a workshop titled ‘Intro to Data Viz.’ The training introduced journalism students and professors to online and open-sourced tools to produce and build data visualizations. This included presenting how data is stored and used in these tools, as a .csv or .json file. The workshop also taught basic coding to understand how to embed a project, and change some styling.

The tools in the workshop included Infogram, Google Maps, Fusion Tables, Timeline JS, StoryMap JS, and Leaflet. For Leaflet, which was the most advanced tool in the workshop, I focused on how they can use a text editor (Sublime) and how they can use inspect element in Google Chrome to understand the structure of an interactive project.

Syllabus for the Workshop

Migrahack at CSUN