Social Media Producer at the LA Times

As a Social Media Producer at the Los Angeles Times, I manage Los Angeles Times’ main Facebook page, main Twitter feed, and main Instagram account.

Responsibilities include overseeing social media assets for #EmergingUS, a collaborative project between the Times and Jose Antonio Vargas on race, immigration, and identity. Conducted market research for the overall social and launch strategy. Live-tweeted and curated social media about race and culture in LA.

Enhanced stories shareable charts and graphics for both brands. Solicited and curated user generated content in reaction to LA Times stories.

Tools: HTML, Hootsuite, Chartbuilder, Meme Generator


This is La Gente’s Fall 2011 Issue. The theme was Opportunity.lagentef11

This is La Gente’s Winter 2012 Issue. The theme for this issue was profiles. lagentew12

This is La Gente’s Spring 2012 Issue. The theme was the Latino Vote.