César Chavez

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Link: http://www.univision.com/la-huella-digital/openpage/2014-03-07/cesar-chavez-intro 

This project highlighted the life of activist César Chavez, published when film was released earlier in spring 2014. I contributed to the layout and design of the project. For the timeline of his life, I used TimelineJS. I downloaded the source files to change some styles and to add a background image to the timeline.

La Huella Digital is the recipient of an Edward R. Murrow Award for the Network Radio and Television Market.


Estado Crítico

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Link: http://www.univision.com/la-huella-digital/openpage/2014-02-28/estado-critico-intro

This project, “Estado Critico”/”Critical State,” was about one Latino youth going across the country to understand Obamacare/Affordable Care Act. A long-form story, videos, and interactive graphics is included in this project to educate about to illustrate how Obamacare will impact the lives of Latinos in the United States.

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My master’s project focused on the chronology of the undocumented student movement. I was interested designing the web layout of this story, especially with longform storytelling being revitalized online. I took HTML/CSS classes at Columbia, built the page myself. It’s responsive, and it reflects the ideas about journalism online: transparency, sourcing links, and using the interactivity of online to help guide the reader through the story.

Here it is: http://cuj13.tysonevans.com/students/helga/website/resdreams.html

Note: It was included in Columbia Graduate School of Journalism’s Tow Center’s Innovation Showcase.